2022『星の巡礼 びわ湖一周 祈りの吟行サイクリング』Ⅱ 

2022GW『星の巡礼 びわ湖一周 祈りの吟行サイクリング』Ⅱ 


2022GW "Pilgrimage of the Stars Around Lake Biwa Prayer Cycling" II

           -Running record-












びわ湖一周サイクリング−ビワイチ 輪の国びわ湖−交通ルールとマナー (















2022GW 《Cycling around North Lake Biwa by Prayer》Cycling Record


It blended into the peaceful landscape of Lake Biwa, with the Ukrainian war clouds in mind.

Now, I would like to introduce this <North Biwa Route Cycling 150km> with photos. As an old cyclist, I took the <Biwaichi 150km course> for two days.

Enjoy speed in a heavy equipment style loaded with tents, sleeping bags, and rice cooking sets, and talk to a light road cyclist who can run through the same North Lake course 150 km in an average of 10 hours without being surprised by the encounter of a heretic child. I came.

The Biwaichi Cycling Course is divided into a <High Speed ​​Course> on the motorway, a <Low Speed ​​Course> for pedestrians, and a mixed course.

Of course, old cyclists with a speed of 9 to 11 km / h run counterclockwise on the <low speed course>.

It was If you are going to try Biwaichi cycling rout, please follow the rules and manners and enjoy safe cycling without accidents.


Cycling around Lake Biwa, the land of wheels-Traffic rules and manners ( びわ湖一周サイクリング−ビワイチ 輪の国びわ湖−交通ルールとマナー (


Pedestrians have the highest priority, and on the first day (85km) while keeping the low speed in the village, I started at JR Shiga Station where our house is located. Cross the Biwako Ohashi Bridge, head north on the <Ripples Road> on the eastern shore of Lake Biwa, and stay in a tent at the <Lake Biwa Ryokuchi Nagahama Minamihama District Kawamichi> on the shore of Lake Biwa.


On the second day (65km), leave the lakeside green area in the north of Nagahama, pass by Kinomoto and Shizugatake, go from Oura to Kaizu Osaki, and then head south to Makino Sunny Beach, Imazu, and Takashima to reach JR Shiga Station.

In order to take care of the old body, a petal stepping relaxed and corresponded to long-distance running.

However, after a long absence of cycling, the crotch was peeled off, and I was stepping on the petals while floating my hips, and I ended up in a pathetic cycling posture.

Perhaps it was saved by taking a break while writing a TANKA(Japanese short poem) song.

<Ginko Cycling> may also be said to be a bicycle consideration from old age.

The theme of this scrutiny was decided to be the <Ukraine War>, and the peaceful scenery of Lake Biwa was used as a canvas.

I wanted to draw a Ukrainian war cloud.

I wanted to capture the universal themes of <War & Peace>, and humankind in 31 characters (TANKA, Japanese short poem) while cycling through Lake Biwa.




           Route map and photography points


                                2022年5月ゴールデンウイーク  びわ北湖一周サイクリング・スタート ➀

                                            May 2022 Golden Week,  Biwako North Lake Cycling Start


                                     水張りが始まった湖西和邇地区の田圃風景 ②

                                  Rice field scenery in the Kosai Wani area where water filling began


                                   びわ北湖コースの起点 びわ湖大橋 ➂

                                      Biwako Ohashi, the starting point of the North-Biwa course


                            びわ湖大橋からの北方遠景図 ④ Northern distant view from Lake Biwa Bridge


                         びわ湖大橋を東側より眺める ⑤  View of Lake Biwa Bridge from the east side     


                        みさき公園にある<ビワイチ>起点   ➅  <Biwaichi> starting point in Misaki Park


                            ビワイチ サイクリング 案内図 ➅   Biwaichi Cycling Information


                                      びわ湖岸には素晴らし松並木が点在し、こころ洗われる ⑦ 

                                The shores of Lake Biwa are dotted with wonderful pine trees.






ビワイチ サイクルロード前半は、沖島を眺めながら、びわ湖東岸<さざなみ街道>を駈ける ⑨

   Biwaichi Cycle Road can reach the eastern shore of Lake Biwa <Sazanami Kaido>

                while looking at Oki Island.




                   近江富士<三上山> ⑪

       さざなみ街道の西側に沖島⑩、東南側に近江富士<三上山>を見ながら走る ⑪

         Run while looking at Oki Island on the west side of the Ripples Highway

             and Omi Fuji <Mt. Mikami> on the southeast side.



  びわ湖岸にあるパワースポット<藤ヶ崎龍神> ⑫  藤ヶ崎龍神の内宮である <妙徳龍神>の                   


 A power spot on the shore of Lake Biwa     The inner shrine of <Fujigasakiryu Shrine>

    <Fujigasakiryujin Shrine>       with the rock shrine of< Myotoku Ryujin Shrine>



                                                              岩窟祠の奥に妙徳龍神が祀られている ⑫

                                                   Myotoku Ryujin is enshrined in the rock shrine



                           近江八幡市にある天台宗長命寺に立寄る ⑬         

          Stop at Chomeiji Temple of the Tendai sect in Omihachiman City



                   長命寺門前で参拝者を見守る地蔵尊 ⑬

              Jizoson watching over worshipers in front of the gate





                       びわ湖の水は、東びわ湖に広がる干拓農地に利用され、豊かな田園風景を見せる ⑭

                                The water of Lake Biwa is used for the reclaimed agricultural land

                                     that spreads over Lake Biwa, showing a rich rural landscape.





        愛知川橋や宇曽川辺りからは日本百名山伊吹山>を遠望しながらサイクリングを楽しむ ⑯

      Enjoy cycling while looking out over Mt. Ibuki, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan,

                                           from the Echigawa Bridge and the Uso River area.





          彦根港を過ぎて、<さざ波街道>は米原を経て長浜へ向かう ⑱

                         After passing Hikone Port, <Sazanami Kaido> heads for Nagahama via Maibar




                            ⑲           米原天野川より伊吹山を間近に見ながら、長浜城に到着する  ⑳

            Arrive at Nagahama Castle while watching Mt. Ibuki up close from Maibara, Amano River.



       今夜は、長浜北南浜にある湖岸緑地公園<川道2>でテント泊である ㉑

        Tonight, I am staying in a tent at Lakeside Green Park <Kawamichi 2>

                  in Nagahama Kita-Minamihama. 




                                        湖水で沐浴し、汗を流して寝床についた. ㉑ 

                                         I took a bath in the lake, sweated and went to bed.




                                          < 2日目> 朝食後、長浜北緑地公園を出発する ㉑  

         <The 2nd day> After breakfast, leave Nagahama Kita Ryokuchi Park.




                 湖北町の真東のびわ湖上に竹生島が姿を現わす      ㉒   

         Chikubu Island appears on Lake Biwa, just east of Kohoku Town.



             水鳥の生息地<湖北水鳥ステーション>がある  ㉓             

       There is a waterfowl habitat <Kohoku Waterfowl Station> in this area. 




     高月トンネルを過ぎると余呉川堤には八重桜が咲き、木之本では水張りが始まっていた ㉕ 

  After passing the Takatsuki tunnel, double cherry blossoms bloomed on the Yogo River bank,

               and water filling had begun at Kinomoto. 






       After crossing the Takatsuki intersection on Route 8, enter the old highway,

    go through the Shizugatake tunnel, and turn left on National Route 303 from Shiozu.






                  After passing through the Hogatake tunnel, you will meet Chikubu Island again,

                           and we can overlook the village of Shiozu from National Highway 303.










      大浦㉜で奥びわ湖と再合流し、葉桜の絶景海津大崎ラインを走り抜ける ㉝ 

                                Rejoin Lake Biwa at Oura and run through the Kaizu Osaki line

                                            with a spectacular view of the cherry blossoms.




    海津大崎ラインは、竹生島を眺めながらの絶景奥びわ湖サイクリング・ルートである ㉞

   The Kaizu Osaki Line is a cycling route to Lake Biwa with a spectacular view of Chikubu Island.



             海津大崎方面よりマキノの村落を望む   ㉟          

           View of Makino village from the direction of Kaizu Osaki.




            マキノの村落にある湖上交通の要衝としての船着き場 ㊱

          A pier as a key point of lake transportation in Makino village.



              マキノサニービーチの天空の門 ㊲

                  Makino Sunny Beach Sky Gate



           西近江路の松並街道は往時の旅人を偲びながら走る ㊳

    The Pains Highway on Nishi-Omi Road runs while remembering the travelers of the past.



            松並の間の菜の花や、湖北の美しい岬を眺めながら走る ㊳

  It runs while looking at the rape blossoms between pains and the beautiful cape of north lake.




              親友の最期の地<今津病院>を背景に ㊴            

         With the background of the last place of my friend<Imazu Hospital> 



                                                                         竹生島行渡船の今津港 ㊵

                                                       Imazu Port of the ferry to Chikubu Island






   トイレも完備している。   The Adogawa Delta Lakeside Road has a green park and toilets.





        From the direction of the Azumi River, we can see the torii gate at the cape of Shirahige Shrine.





                                              Biwaichi passes through the old streets of Takashima.



           白髭神社の湖上鳥居   Lake Torii of Shirahige Shrine ㊹



                  近江舞子浜にある琵琶湖周航の歌碑 ㊺

          A monument to the voyage around Lake Biwa on Omi Maiko Beach



               ゴール地点JR志賀駅近くの麦畑より蓬莱山を望む ㊻

      Goal point Overlooking Mt.Horaisan from the wheat field near JR Shiga Station




            平均時速9km/h 全走行距離150km 全走行時間17H

                    Average speed    9km / h

                    Total mileage      150km

                    Total running time       17H



                                        無事<志賀の里>にゴール帰宅した ➀

                                                   Safely returned to the goal at <Shiga no Sato>









        『星の巡礼 びわ湖一周 祈りの吟行サイクリング』



                                                            Seeking light

          "Pilgrimage of the stars : Around Lake Biwa prayer scrutiny cycling"







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