2022『星の巡礼 比良比叡トレイルの風景』





         Tanka Collection "Sacred Mountain Traverse"

                                                 Tanka is Japanese short  poem.


                詠み人 後藤實久

                                                          by Sanehisa Goto


老いを受入れ、ロングトレイル(縦走登山)を卒業するにあたって、長年親しんだ<比良比叡トレイル>の絶景写真に、短歌を添えて、思い出『短歌集 霊山縦走』としてしまっておきたいとおもいます。

When accepting old age and graduating from the long trail (longitudinal mountain climbing),

I would like to add a tanka to the superb view photograph of the <Hira Hiei Trail> that

I have been familiar with for many years and keep it as a memory "Sacred mountain traverse".





     《霊山の 厳しき姿  雪衣 融け脱ぎ捨てて 挑み待ちにし》

       —れいざんの きびしきすがた ゆきごろも とけぬぎすてて いどみまちにし―




       Sacred mountain, wearing snow and showing a harsh appearance,

       It seems that she is inviting us to take off her clothes,

       And it looks like to wait for our challenge in the bright spring sun.



            From the eastern shore of Lake Biwa, we can see the snow-capped all-longitudinal ridge

                                                                  of the <Hira Hiei Trail>





                                                      <Hira Hiei Trail> Panorama Sketch

     ➀         ②       ➂         ④        ⑤



                                     ➀                 ②



          ➂                 ④






             《寝ずの朝 光待ちにし 比良比叡  満ち来たりしや 霊のともし火》

                      ―ねずのあさ ひかりまちにし ひらひえい みちきたりしや れいのともしび―




               On the morning of the Hira-Hiei trail challenge,

               Mt.Jatani is waiting for the dawn while camping at the peak.

               As the darkness gradually fills with light,

               The light of the spirit seems to spread to my heart.


     <比良比叡トレイル>スタート地点 蛇谷ケ峰 901m の朝焼けに向かって愛を叫ぶ

        <Hira Hiei Trail> Starting point Mt.Jatani 901m, be screaming for love towards the sunrise.





     《導きし 西方浄土 ひかりあり 祈り満つるや 蓬莱の山》

      ―みちびきし さいほうじょうど ひかりあり いのりみつるや ほうらいのやま―




                                       There is a ray of light guided by the Western Jodo,

                                                 Western Pure Land is Buddhist paradise,

                                       Mt. Horai is now shining in the light filled with prayer.


             蓬莱山1174m にみる西方浄土の聖なる夕焼け

                                   The sacred sunset of the western Jodo seen at Mt. Horai 1174m




                                    The sunset on the <Hira Hiei Trail> are swaying and fantastic.






     《われひとり 険し雪道 登りしや 誰が知るぞ荷を 背負いて重し》

       -われひとり けわしゆきみち のぼりしや たがしるぞにを せおいておもし-





                                 Just as an old man, I am climbing a steep snowy road.

             A backpack had with snowshoes and snow camp zelts on my back I am carrying it.

                                           Yes, I carry my own joy that no one knows.



          <Hira Hiei Trail> View of Lake Biwa from the Kitadaka Valley from the Kido mountain trail





         《河鹿鳴く 比良の目覚めや 夢心地 森の隠れ家 疲れ残りし》

      かじかなく ひらのめざめや ゆめごこち もりのかくれが つかれのこりし―





                  Wake up in a tent in a mountain that runs vertically like a hideaway in the forest,

                                        When I was listening to Kajika(frog sculpin)'s chorus in a dream,

                                                     How comfortable it is for a tired body.



             The sunrise on the <Hira Hiei Trail>, which runs vertically in the tent, is really beautiful.



                                       The morning of the <Hira Hiei Trail> covered with scale clouds,

                                               which you can see in the field inn, is also wonderful.





      《迷い道  濃霧背負いし 影法師 進みし闇路 光り求めて》

        -まよいみち のうむせおいし われなれど すすみしやみひ ひかりもとめて-





                   When I get lost in the mountains in the thick fog, I will be pushed down by anxiety.

                          There is another self, <Kageboshi : shadow master >, who is staring calmly.

                     The shadow master constantly seeks light (exit) in the dark road and guides me.






                                  The long trail is also a journey to face myself and love loneliness.

                                  The north start of the Hira Hiei Long Trail is Jatanigamine 901m.

                            First of all, pray for the safety of vertical running toward the eastern sky.






      浮雲の 棚引きし琵琶 眺むるに こころ広けき 霊の国かな》

      ―うきぐもの たなびきしびわ ながむるに こころひろけき れいのくにかな―




                         When I look at the scenery of the pier that the floating clouds shelve,

                                I am guided to the land of souls and filled with a wide heart.

             This view is heaven and a Buddha's garden.



                     The floating clouds on the spectacular Lake Biwa that I meet on the <Hira Hiei Trail>

                                                                        are also wonderful.

                                   Enjoy the appearance of Lake Biwa from the top of Mt. Horai 1174m.






      《遥かなる 臥して待ちにし 蓬莱山 千里同風 近くて遠し》

     ―はるかなる ふしてまちにし ほうらいさん せんりどうふう ちかくてとおしー




           If I think that the same wind is blowing on Mt. Horai,

             which has a gentle face as seen from Mt. Buna,

                  it is close and far away.


                             <千里同風> 同じ風吹く武奈ヶ岳1214mより蓬莱山1174mを望む       

                      <Tousand miles are same wind> View of Mt. Horai 1174m from Mt. Bunagatake 1214m

                                                                    where the same wind blows.





     《 孤高なる 老登山家の 背見下ろす 広きびわ湖や こころ揺さぶる  》

     ーここうなる ろうとざんかの せみおろす こころゆさぶる ひろきびわこや-




     Looking at the back of a solitary old mountaineer overlooking the vast Lake Biwa,

            It seems that he is carrying his life on his back,

                 And my heart was shaken.




                Overlooking the magnificent Lake Biwa is the real pleasure of the <Hira Hiei Trail>.






     《揺蕩うと 流れし時の 蝉しぐれ  夕焼け染める 山のあなた

          たゆたふと ながれしときの せみしぐれ ゆうやけそめる やまのあなたやー



          When the other side of the mountain is dyed in the sunset,  

             The song of cicadas becomes even more noisy,

             And the uncertain time is flowing calmly there.



      The fantastic sunset over the mountains of the <Hira Hiei Trail> always soothes my heart.

             It is the most relaxing moment in a vertical run just before sneaking into a sleeping bag.






       《染まり往く 比良の峰々 衣替え 八雲の池や 握りほほばる》

     ―そまりゆく ひらのみねみね ころもがえ やくものいけや にぎりほほばるー





              The four seasons of the Hira Mountains are wonderful,

         But the beauty of the autumn leaves is like taking off the twelve.

         Today, I am watching of having the rice balls from Pond of Yakumo .


         <比良比叡トレイル>空中庭園 ・八雲ケ原(湿原)の紅葉散策も楽しい

                                              The aerial garden of <Hira Hiei Trail>

                           It is fun to walk around the autumn leaves of Yakumogahara -raised bog.






      《山の主 行き先はばむ ガマガエル 君は何者 挨拶せよと》

         -やまのぬし いきさきはばむ がまがえる きみはなにもの あいさつせよと-


        孤老のロングトレイラーを励ます<比良比叡トレイル>の主 ガマガエル殿


                                              Toad, the lord of the <Hira Hiei Trail>,

                              which encourages long trailers of loneliness <Why do you live ... ?>






     《雲の中 夢想の人や 目覚めよと 誘いし小径 魅惑の森へ》

       -くものなか むそうのひとや めざめよと さそいしこみち みわくのもりへ-




                         The <Hira Hiei Trail> in the fantastic clouds is the home of hermits.

                                  It is also good to indulge in meditation while running vertically.






        《 咆哮の 怯え縮みし 春嵐  命危なし 比良八荒や》

       ―ほうこうの おびえちぢみし はるあらし いのちあぶなし ひらはっこうやー






        I stayed in a tent at the summit of Horai,

        Worshiped the sunset of the western Jodo, talked with the stars in the night sky,

        Enjoyed the lights of the town shining under my eyes,

        And thought that I had slipped into my sleeping bag. Feeling the danger of life,

        I rolled up my tent and went down the mountain in a hurry.



     (要注意) 比良山系には<比良八講>という嵐のような強風が吹き荒れることがある

   In the <Hira Hiei Trail>, a favorite open-air area that loves Lake Biwa (directly below Mt.Horai) <Caution required> A strong wind like a storm called <Hira Hakko> may blow in the Hira Mountains.






   《老ゆるとは さだめ悲しき 比良比叡 トレイル終えし 還来の里》

     ―おゆるとは さだめかなしき ひらひえい とれいるおえし もどろぎのさと―




    No matter how much it is decided, it is sad that the physical strength of the old man

           Who cannot run the trail with a backpack is weakened.

         I reported on the trail graduation here at <Modorogi Shrine>.




                            Long Trail (Hira Hiei Trail) Graduation site, Modoroki Shrine on the way.







   《影武者を 追いかけ行きし 比良比叡 おのれ何者 問いて久しや》

     ―かげむしゃを おいかけゆきし ひらひえい おのれなにもの といてひさしや―



         <比良比叡トレイル>縦走中の影武者 もう一人のロングトレイラー


                          <Hira Hiei Trail> Another long trailer, a shadow warrior running vertically.

           Decoy who has been talking to each other, encouraging each other, and helping each other.







                   樹間の灯 枯葉の温もりを伝えし




                                                            << Oh, I'm lying on Shakadake >>

                                             In the jet-black darkness that drowns out a little tip

                                          Lights between trees convey the warmth of dead leaves

                                                                    Ah, I'm lying on Shakadake

                                   The wind stopped and the mountains did not move and  see myself






       《抱かれし 母なる峰に 枕して 沈みし夜空 星流れしや》

      いだかれし ははなるみねに まくらして しずむよぞらに ほしながれしやー





                   Embraced by the mountains of Mother Hira, when I sink into her sleeping bag,

                              I report the events of the day to the stars flowing in the night sky

                                                                       And says Oyasumi.



                                            『 思い出の<比良比叡トレイル>縦走時の露営風景』

                             "Memorial <Hira Hiei Trail> Open-air scenery during vertical running"



  The real thrill of the <Hira Hiei Trail> is the tent night where I can observe the deer in the dark.




    The Hira Hiei Trail, where I can observe  the stars in the night sky, is also the best.




                                              Open-air scenery with ultra-light aluminum zelt.




       The ultra-lightweight aluminum zelt is like a spaceship and it's exciting.



   <Hira Hiei Trail> The night view of Lake Biwa-Ohashi from the tent on Mt. Horai is the best.






        《いにしえの   法灯仰ぐ 比良比叡 玉体の杉 都守りし》

          ―いにしえの ほうとうおぐ ひらひえい みやこまもりし ぎょくたいすぎや―



At the Sennichi Kaiho of Enryakuji Temple, it is said that every day from here <Gyokutaisugi>,

they pray for peace toward the Imperial Palace, protect the safety,

and pray for the peace of the ancient city.

I also gently put my hands together like a Buddhist priest from <Gyokutaisugi>.




                                       Cedar for Praying for the Kyoto-Gosho(old palace)





      《迷い道 流れ着きたる 大比叡 愛語迎えし 大師の膝や》

        ―まよいみち ながれつきたる だいひえい あいごむかえし だいしのひざや―




                                    When you reach the top of Mt. Hiei, which is the goal,

                                       After safely traversing through the Hira-Hiei Trail.                 

                The founder of the Tendai sect, Saicho Daishi, welcomes us with his favorite words.



          <比良比叡トレイル>ゴール地点 大比叡山頂848m

                                       <Hira Hiei Trail> Goal point: 848m at the top of Mt. Hie.




                伝教大師 最澄の祝福を受ける

                                At the goal of <Hira Hiei Long Trail>, we were greeted by Enryakuji Temple.

                                                 Receive the blessing of Saicho, the missionary master.






        <比良比叡トレイル> 縦走の休憩中、たくさんの短歌を詠んできました


                             I wrote a lot of Tanka<Japanese short poem> during the vertical break

                             <Hira Hiei Trail> The vertical run was also a fun mountain trip for Tanka.







                                <Hira Hiei Trail> the vertical run was also a fun mountain trip.

                      The long trail traverse is a comfortable and tickling man's adventurous spirit.




                                                        Gratitude Gassho




                                                     Scenery of <Hira Hiei Trail>

                                                       To commemorate the long trail graduation



                   詠み人 後藤實久


                                                Tanka collection "Sacred Mountain Traverse"

                                                                      by    Sanehisa Goto







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